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How to Write with us

Wonderment & Co is an international publication dedicated to stories that inspire creative ingenuity.

We continually seek to work with inspired writers and journalists of all backgrounds, particularly those with experience interviewing and profiling artists of all sorts. If you itch to share the story of a person or place that fills you with wonder and excitement, we want to work with you.

All accepted pitches and submitted stories go through an editorial process and are paid a fair contribution rate. Please review our storylines and submission guidelines before submitting. If we don’t respond within a few weeks, give us a gentle nudge. We look forward to working with you, or releasing your story to another publication.

General Submission Guidelines 

Send the pitch specifications below along with links to your website, bio/CV, and online portfolio, as applicable. Provide links to three examples (and only three!) of work you feel best exemplify the style in which you’d write for W&Co. And if your pitch includes and unique connection to the person or place you wish to write about, make sure you share why you’re qualified to cover that, too.

Please send all submissions to





Inspirational Stories

The heart of W&Co, our “Inspirational Stories” capture how artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and other professionals risk unconventional lifestyles to live humble, brave, and fulfilling lives.

Features average 1,200 words, painting creative but succinct images of why and how humans live the way they do. Feature writers independently research subjects, craft interview questions, conduct interviews in person or by phone, provide interview transcripts, compose pieces, and complete up to two rounds of edits with our editors. They also provide or help acquire royalty-free photographs to be used in the piece (detailed upon approval of pitch or storyline).

Featured writers must be able to come at these pieces with a technical capability that conveys inspiration and awe, going beyond the surface of traditional profiles.

To submit, send a potential W&Co profile subject and five sample questions you’d ask in the interview process, plus the general submission guidelines above.


Other Ideas?


We’re a team of independent, creative professionals who move in constant wonder at the life and beauty around us. If you are too, you most likely have ideas as to the kinds of stories you want to read here.

We encourage open submissions of specific, clear pitches that answer, “What problems have you faced as a small business owner and how did you overcome it?” We are specifically not looking for personal essays, blog-type posts, or traditional and general reports. We want stories that are a quirky, a touch uncomfortable, and a little more personal than we often see out in the digital world.