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La Cruz, Mexico

  • Words Jacqueline Raposo
  • Photographs Jacqueline Raposo
  • Featured Photograph hellojardo

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

James Beard, American chef, and writer


In La Cruz de Huanacaxtle–a dreamy town in southern Riviera Nayarit on the western coast of Mexico–the Sunday market welcomes locals and tourists alike.

Rise early to hit the fish market, where spiny, single-clawed lobsters sit in bins beside fat, fresh shrimp. Clear-eyed Boquinete gaze plucked only hours ago from the sea.

Wandering down the marina, coffee and chocolate vendors openly describe their beans with pride; the Nayarit region plays home to many who appreciate local natural, whole products, little manipulated by human hands. Music plays, and strong-shouldered men wander with trays of muffins made only from cornmeal, water, and salt. Children run through the colorful stalls where pottery shines alongside handcrafted jewelry, and handmade soaps rival for fragrant space in the air next to bunches of fresh micro greens.

Further down, where the jetty comes to an end, tortillas sizzle and are filled with spiced pork and salsa, the heat from chilies mingling with the heat of the sun. Pozole simmers, fusing chicken and hominy. Corn roasts.

Collect fruit – mango and papaya – and granola. Dig into empanadas and tamales. Gather local honey and eggs. Speak with people, Spanish and English rotating and smiles crossing languages. Find a universal experience, in the common ground of the marketplace.

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