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Running a small business can be demanding — the hours, the thinking, the problem-solving, it can all be fairly overwhelming at times.

As small business owners ourselves we understand how demanding lifestyle can be and over time it can really take a toll. It is important to recognize in ourselves when it is time for a sea change, but it isn’t always easy to recognize what that change might be.

When we got to this point ourselves, decided to look to our peers and small business owners for help. We were blown away by how many amazing individuals were willing to share their stories, challenges, and resources to help us on our way. The entire process opened our mind to fresh perspectives and a new way of doing business. 

It was these conversations that helped us find clarity, push our business forward, feel more inspired, and connected than ever before.

It was these conversations that inspired the development of Wonderment & Co (W&Co. A place where small business owners come together to learn from each other and expand ideas.

Wonderment & Co is produced and funded by Notebox.


“Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.”
- Diane Ackerman


Eric Bonnin

form follows function

Interest art
Location new york, usa


  • Larissa-Fatseas-Notebox-Studio
    Larissa Fatseas
    Creative Director

    Larissa loves a good story no matter the context — expressing them visually is her full-time forte. Her adventurous spirit and curiosity has seen her travel the world, participate in all kinds of workshops and collaborate with inspiring creatives from all walks of life. Picnic foods are her favorite and is most proud of her garden, especially the wildflowers that help feed the honey bees. Some samples of her design work can be viewed at noteboxstudio.com

  • PIe Contest for a Cause – Photo Kym Fajardo
    Jacqueline Raposo

    Jacqueline is insanely curious about why and how people live, love, and work. As a writer, editor, and radio host, she strives to unearth and amplify the unique stories everyone already has inside of them. To date, she has crafted over three hundred profiles for print, digital, and radio. A true word nerd, Jacqueline is most content swinging in her hammock with a good book and her dog, Mitra, then cooking up a backyard feast for close friends. Explore with her at wordsfoodart.com.

  • devin-cirillo
    Devin Cirillo

    Devin’s ultimate goal is to help others tell their stories both visually and verbally in a way that not only feels genuine and entertaining but inspires others to do the same. When she’s not writing or helping create content, she’s on the hunt for good whiskey, excellent cheese, and the nearest person on whom she can impart unsolicited advice.

  • chris-fatseas
    Chris Fatseas

    Chris turns dreams into reality. His wild and vivid imagination will take you on a journey like no other. He is not just a storyteller and photographer –Chris is a visionary who sees the world through an extraordinary and beautifully abstract lens.

  • chad-powell
    Chad Powell
    Art director

    Chad only believes in creating beautiful, functional, and original ideas. Having lived in New York City for eight years, he finds inspiration can strike at any moment — he simply takes it all in and channels it into his work. Chad’s core focus as an Art Director is digital integration and content creation. On weekends you will find him hunting down the perfect spot for burgers, bacon, and beer.

  • Jinie Kwak
    Jinie Kwak
    Content and Digital Strategy

    An experienced brand storyteller with expertise in corporate communications, social media strategy, content marketing, editorial, and public relations, Jinie has worked with leading global agencies, publishers, and startups. Her passion for emerging technology drives her ongoing pursuit of new dynamic content solutions that build value for brands. In her off time, you’ll find her looking for new places to travel, dabbling in crafts, and petting other people’s dogs.

  • BrandiBernoskie1
    Brandi Bernoskie
    Web Developer

    Brandi Bernoskie is Chief Alchemist at Alchemy+Aim, a website strategy and development company that creates tailor-made websites so that thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs expand their presence and visibility and have space to do their genius work. She and her team love connecting people with the resources they need to be successful and get their message out to a wider audience. In her spare time she is an avid archer, just learned to ride a motorcycle, likes to hike, and is working on a new business helping women step into their leadership power.

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